The high-performance model of the state economy

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The benefit  all around and everywhere depends on observance of two conditions: correct establishment of an ultimate goal and search the appropriate means for  conducting the ultimate goal


   The group of progressive scientists of University - engineers by background, experts in branches of technical knowledge, researchers in the field of the difficult systems theory, after the long and deep system analysis, found the true reason of constantly arising world "financial and economic" crises. Taking into account this "reason" was offered unprecedented in world practice fundamental "The theory of highly effective national economy". On the basis of this theory was developed the new model of economic managing -"Model of highly effective national economy". 

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   This Model lies out of "surface" of traditional economy and represents most powerful economic "know-how". It is absolutely acritical model that work without inflation. This model completely eliminates the reasons of "financial and economic" crises. Besides, it promotes continuous filling of the budget, completely liquidates unemployment, does not need issue of additional money at all, the foreign credits, radically simplifies system of the taxation, allows to reduce "shadow" economy and in every possible way promotes the maximum use of human, scientific and technical capacity of the country. 
   This economic Model is constructed on absolutely other principles of functioning, than traditional "Europen - American" economic models. In it, for example, there is no such economic category as "profit" which is the main reason for an imbalance between the price of goods and salary that constantly results in discrepancy between the offer of goods and solvent demand for it. Therefore in the offered model, pricing is carried out on other formula. Instead of the credits, interest-free state loans on a returnable basis are offered. Instead of all existing types of tax only two types of tax are provided: a tax on a money equivalent of work and a tax on non-use of money during an established period. People should not pay any income tax at all. Besides, a number of the new economic principles was found thanks to which there is a synergetic effect in economy – it starts working intensively. So, for example, the money begin to move on the closed cycle and with an enormous speed that will allow to turn economic system in a huge " financial collider".
   Thus, real transition from static economy (economy of "marking time"), to – dynamic economy (economy of "intensive development") can be carried out. 
Approbation of Model by means of computer modeling completely confirmed the research results and showed the potential economic indicators of the country providing the introduction of it. 
   The approximate effect from introduction of the offered economic Model, for example, in Ukraine in the first years will make about 1 000 000 000 000 (one trillion)UAH, and the revenues of the budget will grow approximately on 400 000 000 000 (four hundred billion) UAH. In the next years, as a result of the correct use of Model, development of the country could grow in general in a geometrical progression. 
   Use of the "Model of highly effective national economy"will allow not only to eliminate forever the negative phenomena inherent in modern economy, but also to lift economy on absolutely other level of development. 
   This economic Model has no analogs in the history of economic thought and is not presented in textbooks on economy. In work the attention was paid to some important principles of economy which were constantly "beyond the attention" of economic theories. Economists bypassed them as carefully as "the cat bypasses a puddle". Though these principles are very important for understanding of how actually the highly effective economic mechanism has to work. Therefore, the authors have all reasons to assume that the offered model was simply hidden from a world community look in interests of certain western influencing groups. This Model is unprecedented option of market social oriented economy and represents the unique efficient mechanism allowing to carry out fast real transition from slow "sustainable development" - to dynamic and intensive development. The model assumes strengthening of state’s a role in questions of formation the financial policy. The private initiative supported with rigid control from the state could offer the fantastic results on the basis of the new economic principles.
   This Model has four copyright Certificates. 
   The specified "Model of highly effective national economy" is offered by university for use of the different countries by the governments, and first of all in Ukraine, during implemantation of the corresponding economic reforms, for the purpose of creation of the powerful prospering social orientated states. 
Simplified "Model of Highly Effective National Economy" you can download at the end of the text. 
   The huge request to all people of good will, to whom the further state’s destiny is not indifferent to do everything possible to disseminate the basic principles of new Model of the economy. All people have to know what it is necessary to change every day in order that our life became more joyful, more rich and more happy. Introduce the relatives, friends and acquaintances the basic principles you learned. We thank you in advance. 
   Friends! Let’s roll this world together in the correct direction!

Presentation of highly effective Model of the national economy.

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