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Pshinko Oleksandr, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Academician of the Transport Academy of Ukraine, Vice-President of the International Academy of Transport (AMT, St. Petersburg, Russia ), Doctor AMT transport and head of the Ukrainian National office, Full Academic Adviser of the International Academy of Engineering (Moscow, Russia), corresponding member of the Academy of Ukraine, member of the New York Academy of Sciences (USA), Honored Worker of Education of Ukraine, laureate of state Prize of Ukraine in Science and Technology, knight "Honor" 3 degrees of the Order "For Merit", "Diploma of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine" award "For the development of the region" Dnipropetrovsk region, the sign "Train glory "third degree, Honorary railroad USSR, Honored Worker of Transport of Ukraine.
Range of interests - improving production technology of precast concrete products, increase their durability and design technology of building materials for the construction of railway facilities from local raw materials, the introduction of the railways Ukraine piggyback transport and the creation of international transport corridors to transport cargo .
Published monographs and textbooks:
1. "Building materials - production, characterization, use". AM Pshinko, 1995
2. "Increased durability of concrete and concrete products and structures." AM Pshinko, 1995
3. "Designing compositions Hydraulic Concrete." VN Punahyn, A. Pshinko, N. Rudenko, 1998
4. "Concrete under elevated temperatures." 2nd ed. VN Punahyn, A. Pshinko, N. Rudenko, 1999
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Vice-rector on Scientific and Pedagogical, Economic Work, Perspective and Innovative Development

Radkevych Anatolii, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Academician of the Transport Academy of Ukraine, Academy of Construction of Ukraine, laureate of the Academy of Civil Engineering Academy of Ukraine named after Academician MS Budnikov, a graduate of education, an honorary transport worker of Ukraine, an honorary railwayman of Ukraine, was awarded the Honorary Diploma of the Verkhovna Rada, a sign "Rail Glory" of the second and third degree.

A range of scientific interests are the scientific basis for the development of organizational and technological solutions for the reconstruction, reconstruction and major repair of buildings and structures of the transport complex. Theoretical and experimental researches of logistic processes in the construction industry. Improvement and development of innovative technological processes during the construction of objects with a monolithic frame.

 103 works were published, among them:

1. "Optimal models of organization of construction production". Tutorial. - Zaporozhye: ZDIA Publishing House, 2003. - 170 p.
2. "Project Management Models". Tutorial. - Zaporozhye: GU ZIBMU, 2004. - 320 p.
3. "Models of making management decisions". Monograph Zaporozhye, 2005 - 321 p.
4. "System-technical aspects of organizational and technological solutions for the restoration of structures". Monograph. Dnipropetrovsk, 2005 - 346 pp.
5. "Organization and technical support of works on the restoration of a railway object". Teaching manual. Dnipropetrovsk: DNUZT, 2005. - 102 p.
6. "Fundamentals of the State Transport Service". Teaching manual, Dnipropetrovsk DNUZT, 2007. - 154 p. (the stamp №14 / 18-Г-1144 dated 16.07.2007)
7. "Maintenance and repair of vehicles of the State Special Transport Service". Teaching manual, Dnipropetrovsk DNUZT, 2008. - 290 p. (the decree №14 / 18-Г-1191 dated 27.11.2006)
8. "Organization of storage of equipment and technical property of the State Transport Service". Teaching manual, Dnipropetrovsk DNUZT, 2008. - 228 p. (the stamp №14 / 18-Г-133 dated 18.01.2008)
9. "Scientific fundamentals of making solutions for the implementation of complex projects". Monograph, Dnipropetrovsk, 2008. 252 p.
10. "State Special Transport Service - History and Present: Perspectives and Development Priorities". Monograph of the collective of authors / Sciences. Rev. Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor AV Radkevich - Dn-vsk: View of Makovetsky. 2013. - 204 pp.
11. "Management of construction projects". Tutorial. Russian. For foreign students. 2017. - 205 p.
Проректор з наукової роботи
Projdak Y., Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Laureate of the State Prize in Science and Technology, Honored Worker of Science and Technology, awarded the Order of Honor, awarded the honorary title of Doctor Honovis Causa TU "Czestochowa Polytechnic" (Poland) and the National University of Peru (Lima).
His research interests include the theory of metal structure modification processes and secondary phase formation control, thermodynamic and kinetic studies of crystallization processes in electrosmelting processes, development of scientific and technological bases of involvement in metallurgical production of man-made materials.
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Head of Scientific and Research Department


Ruslan Markul, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Prof.
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