Postgraduate and Doctoral

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Postgraduate and Doctoral is an independent department of the university. Organizes training of the teaching staff, as well as plan and organize the reception of candidate examinations.

Tasks Division:

Development of annual and future plans of scientific and scientific-pedagogical personnel in accordance with the requirements of the university and the national economy, the absolute control of their implementation.

organization of quality selection and admission to postgraduate and doctoral studies with the deans of faculties, heads of departments and supervisors.

Organization and certification of graduate students (twice a year: June 1-30, and 1-30 November).

Organization of studies with graduate students.

Preparation and Contributions to the approval of supervisors and the academic advisors in the academic council of the university.

Formation of Admission committees and candidate examinations, organization of their admission to graduate school.

Providing substantive Commissions library acquisitions approved MES Youth and Sports.

maintaining records protection of theses.

For Students

Based on agreements with student and higher education leaders, graduate school accepted citizens of Ukraine, who have higher education and skills.

period of study in graduate school out of work - 3 years on the job Production - 4 years.

Persons admitted to the graduate school entrance exams, the exam consists of three senior program school:

special discipline

Philosophy < o: p>

Foreign Language

go to graduate school, serves:

application the Rector,

written opinion prospective supervisor of postgraduate training opportunities,

recommendation scientist Board of higher education institution for admission to graduate (for graduates of the current year),

copy of the first page of the passport.

personal form accounting personnel with a photograph, certified personnel department major workplace,

copy of employment record,

certificate wages,

certified copy diploma of higher education institution,

certificate of candidate examinations (if available),

list published scientific works and inventions or scientific essay on the chosen specialty with a review by the prospective supervisor,

medical certificate health status on the form number 286-a,

identification code ,

one photograph 3x4.

Documents acceptance to doctoral studies and graduate from 01.09 to 30.09 every year.

entrance exams to graduate from 10.10 30.10 annually.

Classes start from 01.12 annually.

list of specialties

01.04.07 - Solid

5.1.01-Theoretical foundation and Cybernetics

01.05.02 - Mathematical modeling and computational methods

02.00.01 - Inorganic Chemistry

05.13.22 - Project and Program Management

05.14.06 - Technical Thermal Physics and Industrial power

05.22.06 - Railway track

05.22.07 - Railway rolling stock and traction trains

05.22.09 - Electric transport

05.22.20 - Maintenance and repair of vehicles

05.23.02 - Foundations

05.23.01 - Construction structures and buildings

05.23.05 - Building materials and products

05.22.08 - Technology of industrial and civil construction

08.00.04 - Economics of enterprise management of transport and communication

21.06.01 - Environmental Safety

09.00.05 - History of Philosophy

Special Tips:

The university has two specialized academic council for doctoral and master's theses in the field and one specialized uchenyysovet for PhD theses.